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Tim Ikels

From: The desk of Tim Ikels

Dear friend,

I respect your precious time, so let's get straight to the point:

Online business & affiliate marketing means fun.

It can be easy and extremely profitable - IF you have enough traffic.

Now, we basically have two options here:

Some 'gurus' want you to believe that paid traffic is the way to go.

But is it really?

If you're somewhat like me, you gave it a try at some point...

I know I did.

Long story short: It's anything but easy to make it work. (= profitable)

With paid traffic, you don't start at zero. (which is hard enough)

No, you start at -$800,00.

Or whatever dollar amount I wasted.

To keep things honest between us:

It can work, but only if you spend ungodly amounts of time and resources on it.

And if you have a 'high-ticket backend' to recoup losses on the front-end.

I don't know about you, but: I don't like losing money!

And that leaves us with option #2:

Organic or 'free' traffic.

And that's when we come across this...

"Push The Button To Get Free Traffic"

To practically understand why Traffic Endgame will work for you - and how it does NOT work - I really need you to push the button, now:

If you can read this, 2 important things just happened:

1. You proved that you can follow simple instructions and that you're able to take action,
(so - obviously - you are NOT the problem) and

2. This button actually works the way it is intended to - in total contrast to the nonsense "push button traffic software" by some shady marketers.

Let me repeat: It's NOT your fault that you couldn't make them work.

These "push button funnels" are solely designed to make the seller rich - and that's it.

It makes me really angry to even think about it.

Any "push button traffic software" simply CAN NOT work properly and sustainably.

Look, if we ever meet in person, I'd love to share over a drink with you why exactly they can't work. But for now...

Let's skip wasting time with this nonsense and get straight to something that actually does work!


Traffic Endgame

There is no "100% automated and completely hands-off traffic" because we always have to put at least some time and effort into it.

Yep, there I said it.

It takes work.

Now, we probably just lost 80% of all people who read up to this point.

But that's ok, because if you're still reading:

You just qualified yourself as being serious about your online and affiliate marketing business.

And therefore you'll likely appreciate what I'd like to share with you:

Let's Put An End To All Traffic Struggles

Traffic Endgame

100% 'no-investment-needed', evergreen, and highly targeted traffic sources only.


I hope that you test and use any or all of the traffic sources, take massive action and become successful with it.

Furthermore, I hope that you fall in love with Traffic Endgame and consider becoming an affiliate for it.

Because you don't risk anything here, go check it out & let me know what you think!


I couldn't even charge you if I wanted to, because I don't ask for your credit card or other payment information on the (front-end) checkout page.

The idea is rather to provide massive value upfront, and maybe you consider buying something else later from me.


After the free checkout I present 3 upgrade offers.

However, you absolutely do not have to buy anything in order to make the traffic sources work.

At the same time, I really think the upgrades could help you a lot and speed up the whole process significantly.

That's why I recommend to consider the upgrade options if you see a good fit. That's all. :)

No problem.

Just get in touch with me here or get into the free training here.

Your questions are likely answered inside the training.